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Colliculus Data Research and Analytics is a fast-paced agency, providing specifically tailored services to Pharma, Biotech, Life Sciences, Medical Device, CRO and Digital industries across the globe.

We started with KOL Research and Digital/e-Publishing as our first service and emerged as a strategic scientific communications partner to bridge the gap between industries and their scientific need.

With so many experienced Medical professionals in our team, we provide a unique level of insight when it comes to helping Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies in all their Medico marketing activities.

Bilingual in the languages of business and science, terms like medico marketing, medical writing and regulatory writing are innately understood by our team. You’ll waste no time explaining your project scope to us.

Whether you’re using the tools of biology to develop customer outreach or are trying to enhance customer engagement experience, we have the experience to support you.

Perhaps you have a great idea and need to execute a accreditation program. Or maybe you now have a viable product but need to connect with and influence KOLs. Or even better, you might be ready to start selling to your target customers, and you need to raise awareness, support your sales teams and generate leads.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you build and execute a marketing and medical communications strategy that delivers results.


We understand your business; we know how integrated communications work. At e-Sense all you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we will do the rest.

Different approach for different projects. We approach each engagement so it aligns with your business priorities, produces compelling results that reinforces your market position, and resonates with target audiences

Sense of ownership

The services you need, when you need them

Unique and proprietary methodologies consistently deliver high-quality results

Our expertise translates into fast, accurate turnarounds

Bespoke solutions especially created for your individual company

Cost-effective pricing models – Project, FTE, Hourly

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