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Now, We are evolved as one of the leading CRO, Offering flexible and cost-effective Comprehensive clinical trial management services across geographies with innovative solutions.

We are addressing

Industry Concerns!

About Us

Colliculus is a fast-paced agency, providing specifically tailored services to Pharma, Biotech, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Clinical Research Organization - CRO's and Digital industries across the globe.

Who We Are

We are a team of interdisciplinary field experts in Sciences, Business & Information Technology and will work together as one, putting clients first, focused on finding better ways to meet their needs, demonstrating ownership though initiative, accountability, respect, trust, transparency, and collaboration.

Our experts team include Medical Directors, Clinical Data Managers, Management Professionals, Data Scientists, Designers, Developers, Technical Programmers, Researchers, Analysts, Data Miners, Linguistic experts, Data entry professionals and other non technical staff.

Our Story

Why Colliculus

We Understand

We understand your business; we know how integrated communications work. At e-Sense all you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we will do the rest.


Sense of Ownership.

Timely Helping

The services you need, when you need them.


Our expertise translates into fast, accurate turnarounds.

Be Spoke

Bespoke solutions especially created for your individual company.

Complete Data Quality Assurance

Complete data quality assurance with security and confidentiality.

Our Core Values

Love What We Do

We love what we do and give our very best. Whether it's business or cricket, or the theater, or any field. Life is too short

Be Authentic

Be your true self. Be kind, practice empathy

Think Outside the Box

Just because something has always been done some way, doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it. Question everything

Always Self Improve

Strive to be the best version of ourselves. Challenge our peers to learn more. Let fear guide us on what we must overcome in order to grow

Attract A-Players

We only seek for A-players across our entire organization. These qualities include people who have strong intrinsic skills, great communication, passion for success and high social awareness

Work-Life Balance

We are a distributed team and always will be. Amazing work in your professional life stems first from personal happiness

Positively Impact the World

We help the most incredible companies bring their presence to life for the benefit of mankind

Be Open

Be coach-able. Be vulnerable. Let your guard down and know that it is okay to not have all the answers

Few Of Our Recent Works, In Short

Slide Deck Development

Successful product launching in international market

Market Research

Emerging market trends in Kenya/South Africa region for Oncology


Consumer product survey audio transcription

Our Highlights, In Short

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Resources Availability

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Data Confidentiality

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Customer Satisfaction

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